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Door Buzzer Controls - From Simple Devices to Systems  


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Door Buzzers for Commercial and Industrial Outfits
The largest selection of door buzzers and announcers at prices you cannot refuse. Stop losing business to noise and bad door access control. 

Door Intercom Systems
A powerful Door Entry Intercom System for homes with an extensive set of no-nonsense features such as buzzer controls and Dial out to homeowner's remote phone number or cell phone when he/she is away.

Door-to-Handset Intercom Systems
A Door-to-Handset Intercom System that cost-effectively delivers door intercom at 4 doors with outdoor monitoring and call forwarding.

Remote Cell Phone Door Answering Systems
Door intercom system delivering outstanding performance with door/gate intercom buzzer piece at about half a mile away from main home or property and calling into cell phones.

More Door Systems with Buzzers
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Technical Support
Large Selection of Metal-Faceplate Doorphone Stations
The largest selection of Metal-Faceplate Doorphone Stations available. Polished-Brass, Light Antique Brass, Chrome, Black, White, Verdis... Vandal-proof and weather-resistant doorphones. 

Keyless Entry Systems
Find a cost-effective Keyless Entry solution with any of our residential door entry systems.

Electric Doorstrikes
Automate your gated entrance or your Front Door with an Electric Doorstrike that can be activated for gate/door release from any of your indoor phone sets. Commodity at your fingertips!


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Wireless door entry buzzers
If you are looking for a door entry buzzer solution for your home, home office or commercial office, under any of the denominations listed at left or bottom, please click here for a display of our Door Buzzer Kits and Systems for such applications.

Quantometrix is the home of the largest selection of residential  door entry and buzzer systems. For door entry intercom, we offer a model of electronic doorbox finish for every possible home style or commercial/institutional facade.

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